August 3, 2017

A person browsing a mobile phone

Coastway gets a lot of feedback from our customers about the service they receive when they come in to one of our nine conveniently located branches. But when you can’t come see us, did you know you can complete many transactions from your phone? I can think of so many reasons to use online banking, but I wanted to share my 5 favorites today! In no particular order:

Want to check your account balances, transfer money and pay bills from the comfort of… well, anywhere? You can do all that and more with AccountLine! Log in from our website or download our app to see your accounts, make payments and track your spending (more on that later!) You can even keep an eye on your outside accounts and credit cards.

4.Purchase Rewards
Is your wallet overstuffed with those “free” store rewards cards? Lighten the load! Find the Purchase Rewards widget on AccountLine and pick the stores where you want to shop. Once you use your debit card at a selected store the cash will be deposited right into your account. No need to print a coupon or do anything else at the register!

3. eStatements
“I can’t wait to get my next bank statement in the mail!” Said no one ever. Take your checking account 100% online and save a tree in the process. With an eWay account, you’ll receive an email informing you that your monthly account statement is ready. From there, you can access your eStatements from AccountLine. You’ll be able to review your statement sooner than if you received it by regular mail, and eliminate the chance of your information getting lost in the mail. Did I mention it’s free?

2.Finance Works
FinanceWorks is the ultimate financial planning tool. Using FinanceWorks online banking tools, you’ll be able to import your accounts from other institutions, categorize your spending, set goals and see where all your money is going. Wait, I spent how much on lattes? Check out the FinanceWorks widget on AccountLine to start tracking.

1.Mobile Check Deposit
Depositing a check is now as easy as taking a selfie – no filter necessary! Download the Coastway Community Bank app on your Android or iPhone and register for Mobile Check Deposit. Snap a photo of your check to deposit it into your Coastway account automatically.

When you use online banking, you don’t just save paper, you save money. You can even earn and manage money while you’re at it! It’s like having your own personal Coastway branch, open 24/7. Ready to learn more? Take a cruise around the Coastway website or give us a call!

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