How Can I Save When I’m Already on a Budget?

There’s no denying how important it is to budget wisely so we can save money – no matter what tax bracket you fall into. But it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. As a branch manager, I try to work with my customers to help them make the most of their savings. Here are some tips […]

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How Much Mortgage Can You Afford?

Picture it: You’ve been approved for a mortgage and you receive a letter from your lender, featuring the dollar amount you’re approved for. You’re excited, you’re ready to shop, you approach your Realtor with your approval letter in hand and tell her to show you the goods! But put the brakes on for a second. […]

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What should I know before I apply for a small business loan?

As a bank, we are just like other businesses. Our product just happens to be money. Other businesses sell widgets or services; we sell money — in the form of loans, certificates of deposit (CDs) and other financial products. We make money on the interest we charge on loans. Although it seems detached and impersonal, […]

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What are the benefits of online and mobile banking?

Coastway gets a lot of feedback from our customers about the service they receive when they come in to one of our nine conveniently located branches. But when you can’t come see us, did you know you can complete many transactions from your phone? I can think of so many reasons to use online banking, but I […]

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What are my options for a home equity loan?

home equity loan cash out refinancing home equity line of credit

Although a lot has been made of the most recent housing crisis, the fact is that all things indicate it is behind us. In fact, in 2016, the median home sale price rose 5.6%. Most people will be surprised to find out that since 2011, median home prices have risen 40%. Of course, just as […]

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How Long is the Home Buying Process?

Buyers ask me this question all the time. But because no two home buying experiences are alike, there isn’t a definitive length of time the process will actually take. There are many factors that go into the purchasing process that will determine whether a specific experience will be longer or shorter. For some buyers, things […]

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Welcome to the New Coastway Blog Series!

For over 90 years through our many iterations at Coastway Community Bank, we have prided ourselves on providing our customers with outstanding service and thoughtful advice specific to our customers individual financial situations.  In this spirit, we are proud to announce a new blog series here on that will answer a lot of commonly […]

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