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The biggest reason people stay with a bank that no longer meets their needs is because they think it will be too hard to switch to a better one. But you don’t have to stay in a bad banking relationship!

ClickSwitch simplifies the the process of making Coastway’s checking account your checking account by:

  • Securely transferring recurring payments such as utilities, car, mortgage and credit card payments;
  • Transfering direct deposits from the customer’s employer, or other sources;
  • Notifying auto-debit payees of the customer’s new account information;
  • Closing prior accounts;
  • And sending real-time switch confirmation.

First, learn more about our great checking options.Then visit your local Coastway branch to open your account. Our Customer Service Representative will open your account, and get you started with your switch. Then it’s as easy as logging onto the ClickSwitch website with the information you’ll be given, and entering a few options.

Coastway ClickSwitch makes it easy to switch banks. (We’ll leave it to you to change your Facebook relationship status!)