Nick’s using a debit card.
Jen forgot her wallet.
Heather only has a $20.

And the pizza’s getting cold.

Group dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. Pay people the easy way with Popmoney® – the personal payment service now available as part of Coastway’s AccountLine online banking.

  • Pay friends back, split expenses, send last minute gifts and more!
  • Register on AccountLine. Popmoney® can be used on your desktop or from your Coastway mobile app. Avoid the hassle of carrying cash or writing checks to pay friends or family members.
  • Keep information private with no need to exchange account numbers – you’ll simply initiate the transfer by sending a text or email. The rest is done on a secure website.

What else can you do with this great new feature? Now you can transfer money between your Coastway checking account and your accounts at other financial institutions. This feature is available on AccountLine for desktop only.

Simply log into AccountLine and go to: Move Money > External Transfers to register.

Popmoney® transfers and External transfers can be made from a Coastway checking account only. Standard Popmoney® transfers are free and will be applied in three business days. Next business day Popmoney® transfers include a fee of $7 and are applied the next business day. Popmoney® transactions are limited to $2,000 per transaction and per day, and to $5,000 per month. The minimum amount per Popmoney® transaction is $10.