Click here to download and print our Switch Kit The biggest reason people stay with a bank that no longer meets their needs is because they think it will be too hard to switch to a better one. But you don’t have to stay in a bad banking relationship!

Coastway makes it easy to switch banks – and let all the right people know. (We’ll leave it to you to change your Facebook relationship status!)

Just follow these simple steps to switch.

1. Open an account. Click here to start an inquiry online, visit one of our branches, or call (401) 455-3200.

2. Sign up for AccountLine online banking.

3. Stop using your former account and begin using your new Coastway Community Bank account as soon as possible. Be sure to leave sufficient funds in your former account until all of your checks have cleared and any automatic withdrawals have been successfully transferred to Coastway.

4. Change over any direct deposits you might have (such as your paycheck, or any benefits checks) to Coastway. The Direct Deposit letter in Coastway’s Switch Kit can be printed, filled out, and mailed to your company, or any other depositor.

5. Change any automatic payments from your old accounts (i.e. utilities, monthly gym membership, etc.) to Coastway, using the Automatic Payment Change letter.

6. Close your former account at the other institution, using this Account Closing letter. Once you close your account at the other institution, remember to shred or destroy any old checks for security purposes.

Questions? Contact us.