Introducing VISA Purchase Alerts:
Stop fraud in its tracks with real time text or email alerts
when you pay with your Coastway VISA Debit card.

Good news! Coastway now offers VISA Purchase Alerts for debit card holders, allowing you
to receive real-time text message or email notifications when your card is used for certain
transactions, empowering you to react quickly if an unauthorized transaction is made with
your debit card.

Purchase alerts are available for both consumer and business debit card holders. You can
choose to be alerted to any or all of the following transactions:

  • Reaching a purchase amount threshold set by the cardholder;
  • Transactions made outside of the US;
  • Transactions made without the card, such as telephone or web orders.

Sign up is simple:

Go to VISA Purchase Alerts

  • Click “Check Eligibility” on the secure page to enter your card information. VISA Purchase
    Alerts are available for consumer debit card customers only.
  • A code will be sent to the email address used to set up the account. Enter it on the site
    where prompted.
  • Under settings, choose for which transactions you would like to receive notifications. Choose
    whether you’d like to receive text or email notifications.
  • If you choose to receive text notifications, you’ll be asked to enter your mobile device
    number and confirm it by entering the code that will be sent to your phone.
  • Once signed up, any time a transaction takes place on your Coastway Debit card that meets
    the parameters you set up, you will receive an alert via the method you chose (text or email.)
  • To change your settings, simply go back to and click “sign in”
    instead of “check eligibility.”

visa purchase alerts
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